A (Faith-Based) Playlist for When You're in the Pit

Are you struggling? Do you wonder how you're going to get out of bed today? Music is powerful "medicine" for pain. Here's a great playlist of Christian songs to drown out the negative voices when you're in the pit of pain.

As I approach the 11th anniversary of the death of my beloved husband, curly red-headed precocious five and a half-year-old, and perfect blonde haired, blue eyed two and a half week old baby boy, the Lord has allowed me to experience a taste of the pain I felt immediately following the wreck.

And the pain was intense.

And it hurt.

And it dropped me to my knees.

And today I am thankful for feeling all the feels again because it allows me to meet you where you are in your pain.

I can look you in the eye and promise that you will not always feel this way.

I won’t lie and tell you the road is easy. It isn’t.

But you, dear one in the midst of your pain, can come out on the other side. You won’t be the same… but you can know joy again.

How I needed to hear that truth eleven years ago.

One of the enemy’s greatest tactics is to make you feel like you are crazy. Like you are losing your mind. He comes to you in the dark of night and whispers in your ear that you will always feel this way.

That’s a lie.


You’re going to have to trust me here. 

I know how real it feels, but it is a lie.

When you’re in the depth of pain, it can be hard to pray or read the Bible. Maybe you don’t know what to say, and it’s hard to focus long enough to read.

One of the best things to combat the lies of the enemy is to fill your head with truth. The easiest way I’ve found is to listen to music filled with truth. It drowns out the lies.

Here’s a playlist filled with life-giving truth.

Know you’re not alone… even though it feels so real.

Hang in there, Beloved.

Break Every Chain




Fix My Eyes


In Christ Alone


Fix My Eyes


Lord, I Need You


The Rock Won't Move




One Thing Remains


No One Can Steal Our Joy


Jesus Paid It All


I Am Not Alone


Click on the picture to go to the playlist.

This is a brand new endeavor... there is more coming soon!

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Abby Rike

Nashville, TN