Ready to share your message in a way that resonates with your audience?

If you’re like most of the bloggers and business owners that I work with, you went into the online space to do what you love, share your experiences, and express yourself. . . even if it was difficult at first.

As an online entrepreneur, you’ve probably also seen a lot of trends and algorithms come and go. When it comes to the internet, the only thing constant is change.

What you're quickly learning though is video, live-streaming, and speaking are now as much a part of online business as having a website.

And if you want to get your message out in the world, you have to get super clear on what you do, who you serve, and how you communicate that succinctly to your audience.. 

Your audience wants to see your face and hear your voice. They want you to help them in a way that only you can.

In order to connect on a deeper level, you’ve got to share your message a better way. Dare I say, you need to up your communication (aka speaking) game.

Do you remember the classic 80’s movie “Karate Kid”?

Mr. Miyagi made Daniel wash his classic cars for hours upon hours with the Wax on, Wax off method. Naturally, this was Mr. Miyagi’s way of training Daniel to develop muscle memory for when he needed it on the mat.

Learning to share your message is surprisingly similar to the Mr. Miyagi method.

What seems impossible at first suddenly becomes simple by approaching your communication skills in a systematic, simple way.

Before you know it, you are going Live with confidence, entertaining your audience while educating them, and alas making an impact on the world.


As my own clients have learned, when you clarify and communicate your message well, in person, on video, or through live streaming, you stand out in a crowd.

Your people begin to feel like they know you, realize they really like you, and ultimately trust you to help solve a problem for them.

Clarifying and being able to communicate your message is time well spent.

Tech changes. Communication skills don’t.

While the technology you use to reach your audience may change (okay let’s be honest. It will change. . . ), strong verbal communication skills do not.

Once you get crystal clear on your message and are able to articulate it in an authentic, engaging way, you will connect with your audience in a way that makes them keep coming back for more.

Who Am I to Help You?

For the past ten years, I’ve been speaking professionally at hundreds of corporations including Fortune 500 companies, health + wellness conferences, schools, and churches.

Before being on stage, I was behind the scenes as a high school speech teacher and debate coach for 14 years, I helped insecure, awkward teenagers grow into their confidence and perform at award-winning levels.

After getting my master's degree in Gifted Education, I applied strategies for the gifted to everyone I taught.

What does that mean for you?

If I can help teenagers feel truly comfortable in front of their peers, I can most certainly help you!

I’m here to help you spread your message and grow your platform. I can help you connect with your audience in a new way without the hassle of 'figuring it out' all on your own. 

I’m going to be totally honest and transparent here, if you didn’t truly believe that you could help people and have a driving need to share your message, you wouldn’t be online. Instead, you’d just be keeping a journal.

If you’re being called to something bigger, it’s time to take action.

By learning and using the skills that you’ll acquire with me, you’ll continue to build a relationship with your audience in an honest and authentic way, Most importantly, your message will make a difference in the world.

Your Message Matters. Let's make sure it's heard.